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Golf Balls

To learn what's inside a golf ball - and to show how clever engineers are - Bill uses a special cutter to chop one open - well more than one.

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Transcript As an engineer I marvel especially at one particular type of engineering I'm fascinating with production engineering

The clever ways that an engineer figure out how to mass produce an object.

No. Not that one. Some people talk of engineering as applied science.

Nope, not that one. I just really dislike that: It implies that first a scientist discovers something then, with drudgery an engineer just build its. As if that process where simple. Yet ...

no ... engineers have a method of thinking all their own. They aren't solving different scientific problems, but instead engaging in the art of design - an enormously rich and more interesting thing than "applied science." I'm looking for an older type of golf ball.

There we go. Look at the center of this ball. Its filled with liquid. Until about 2004 a golf ball was made with a liquid center, wound with about 35 yards of rubber thread, stretched to nearly 300 yards. The liquid center gives the ball back spin.

Think about manufacturing this: How do you wrap thread around a liquid. The answer to me highlights how creative a profession engineering is: You freeze the liquid center - making it solid - and quickly wrap it in rubber thread. That isn't an outgrowth of science, sure it uses scientific facts, but most importantly it illustrates how for an engineer knowledge is about doing things, about making things. To design, which is more than scientific knowledge, its about bringing together abstract theories and concrete things to change the world.