Bill Hammack's audio and video work emphasizes the creative role of engineers in designing and creating our world. He's a regular commentator on radio - based at Illinois Public Radio in Urbana he's appeared on public radio's premier business program Marketplace, and on Radio National Australia's Science Show. Many engineering, science, and journalistic groups have recognized his work - you can learn more here.

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Jon Markowski created the mural that hangs in Bill's office. Embedded in its clever geometric design are all aspects of engineering. You can examine it closer here.

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This web site archives all of Bill's public radio work. It includes all three hundred of the commentaries he did from 1999 to 2005; links to his pieces for Marketplace, his interviews as a guest host for Illinois Public Media's talk shows. It features his longer pieces - a four part series on Champaign- Urbana's water supply, an engineering tour of Paris, and his visit to the Ice Hotel.

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Two organizations at the University of Illinois have been supportive of this work. The Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and the campus's innovative iFoundry. Both work to create the innovative engineer of the future. Visit iFoundry to watch videos, read white papers and blogs on how to create the innovative engineer of the 21st century.